ZanX Ultra Disposable Pods is the new wave of disposable pods, it has a unique design, elegant shape and smooth touch. While there are many disposable pod brands in the market, vapers should never settle for quality.  Founded in 2019 in the heart of Miami. Florida. ZanX bases its company on three main values: simplicity, value and – most importantly – what we believe is a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. In addition to these three values, we are committed to maintain the prices of our products to be highly competitive and affordable, at the time we hold the highest quality of our devices.

zanx pods
zanx pods

ZanX Ultra Pods come in 7 different flavors. Each premium liquid is carefully selected and formulated specially in ZanX labs. The first thing to consider when buying e-liquid is the flavor. Even if all the other variables – nicotine strength, PG or VG and vapor production – are perfect, if you don’t like the flavor, the e-liquid won’t be used. Fortunately, e-liquids come in almost any flavor you could think of: fruity, food, cocktails, and of course, tobacco blends. New users often choose tobacco blends that closely match the flavor of their favorite cigarette brands. Many e-liquid manufacturers know this, so they create various tobacco blends that mimic the taste of popular brands. thats why ZanX Ultra focus on the top variables that impact liquid smoothness.

ZanX Ultra pods
ZanX Ultra pods

This is why you should Consider ZanX

What makes ZanX Pods unique are three elements. The first one is the liquid quality.  The main base solution in e-liquid is either Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), or a combination of both. PG provides more flavor, but produces weak vapor. VG is more viscous and has a slightly sweet taste – thus muting the flavor somewhat – but produces massive clouds of vapor. Because of the differences in vape quality of both, manufacturers produce e-liquid that come in an all-PG base, an all-VG base, or a mixture of the two in varying ratios.

ZanXPods Vs HQD Cuvie

The second element is the technology that is used in your devices. ZanX Uses 3 pcs of cotton filters instead of 1 layer as in HQD Cuvie and other brands. Finally ZanX has been always committed to low price strategy. ZanX pods are the number 1 when it comes to quality and low prices. try ZanX Ultra today. You wont be dispointed

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