Political System Analysis

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Political System Analysis.

Political System Analysis. Political Systems Analysis Paper Instructions. Overview:

This paper will require students to identify the key factors related to a healthy political system. The following components must be addressed:

· What are the goals of a healthy political system in terms of achieving order, stability, prosperity and freedom?

· What worldview influences are most conducive to a successful political system?

· What political documents, legal codes, structures and arrangements are needed?

· What economic arrangements are needed?

· What are appropriate models for political change?

· What international arrangements, agreements, and structures are needed?

General Guidelines:

· All ideas shared by the student must be supported with sound reason and citations from the required readings, presentations, and additional research.

· The paper should be 7-10 pages of content in length (not counting the title page or references), double-spaced, and in Turabian format.

· All required readings and presentations from Modules 1-4 must be cited.

· 12-15 scholarly sources must be used. Political System Analysis.

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Political System Analysis


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