Moral Theology

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Moral Theology

Final Project
Your final project is to evaluate the Atlantic Yard/Pacific Park project. This is the project that built the Barclay Stadium and surrounding area. Research the development and implementation of this project.
There is a video and a plethora of articles available.
We have read about many tools available to make sure that development and business is done ethically. Your job in this paper is to evaluate how well the developers did from an ethical standpoint. Note any places where the developer could have done better, and tell me how it could be done better.
This develop was rife with problems and should give you plenty of opportunities to use what you have learned. Example: The developer promised low income housing for families, but has only listed studio apartments as low income. / The obvious answer here is that low income housing must include 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for families.
Below are a few topics but not an exhaustive list of topics you may like to cover from your reading.
Fair wages
Low income housing
Displacement of current residents
Protection of the common good.

Eminent domain

Your paper should be 5 pages double spaced. Please list each problem and your solution in concurrent paragraphs.

Include a bibliography as the final page (6)

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Moral Theology


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Moral Theology



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