Lesser Known Sport Marketing Plan

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Lesser Known Sport Marketing Plan.

Lesser Known Sport Marketing Plan. My topic is snowboarding: develop a marketing plan in a PowerPoint presentation of 6-8 slides,  excluding cover and reference slides. Decide beforehand if your intent  in marketing this sport is to garner greater athletic participation or  to reach a more expansive audience. Tailor your presentation accordingly  to target either potential participants or potential fans. Include a  cover slide, reference slide, and speaker notes for each slide.

Your presentation should include the following components:

  1. Background Information: What  is the sport? What are the basic rules? Include three fun or  interesting facts about the sport that will help increase its appeal to  possible fans or participants.
  2. Description of the Target Audience: Who  are you trying to reach with your marketing plan and why would this  particular sport interest your selected target audience? Describe the  demographic and psychographic information of your ideal athlete or sport  fan.
  3. Marketing Plan Specifics: What will you  do to raise awareness interest and popularity of this sport? Include a  description of each of the 4Ps or marketing mix elements as they relate  to the sport and your marketing idea.
    1. Place
    2. Product
      1. Fan: experience, merchandise
      2. Participant: equipment, services, clinics
    3. Promotion
      1. Sport analytics
      2. Marketing agencies
      3. Sponsorships
    4. Price
      1. Sales
      2. Budget considerations for the plan itself
  4. Conclusion: Pull  your marketing plan together. Explain how the 4Ps coalesce to meet the  overall objectives and strategies of the marketing plan you have laid  out.  Lesser Known Sport Marketing Plan.

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Lesser Known Sport Marketing Plan


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