Human Resource Strategy Report: Amazon Inc.

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Human Resource Strategy Report: Amazon Inc.

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Human Resource Strategy Report: Amazon Inc.

 Amazon’s Strategic Planning Processes

The first step in the HR planning process is to understand the productivity of the current staff. Amazon needs to analyze its current employee capacity before hiring new ones. Besides, it should consider developing and implementing skills inventory for individual employees from the top management to the bottom.

The second step is to predict the company’s HR requirements in the coming years. Forecasting will enable Amazon to weigh if it needs to recruit new staff or improve on the current team by providing additional training to boost productivity and efficiency.

Thirdly, Amazon needs to start the process of developing its employee talent. The step is critical in reducing the cost of hiring new employees and maintaining employee commitment to the company. A highly skilled workforce enables the company to stay ahead of its competitors by employing efficient recruitment, selection, and hiring strategies.

The final step involves the company reviewing and evaluating the HRM process plan. Some of the metrics a company can use in the evaluation include production efficiency, employee retention, and satisfaction. If the plan is working, the company can always modify it to suit its needs.

 Amazon’s Alignment Analysis

Creating a working HR strategic plan is one of the many facets of an ordinary human resource plan. Amazon’s plan is geared towards fully engaging all employees and incorporating the company’s HR practices that motivate employees and generating enthusiasm for a productive workforce and commitment to the company. In the end, Amazon’s HR practices should ensure that the cost managing employees is kept at a bare minimum while delivering on optimum work design and controls that ensure that all employees deliver on their job expectations. As noted by Van Buren III, Greenwood and Sheehan (2011), the main aim of the human control system is to drive down labor costs using the best compliance methods and delivering employee rewards based on merit and as specified criteria. Hence, Amazon’s success comes from developing a committed workforce, which is a result of continuous investment in skill improvement through training and engagement.

Recommendations for Change 

· Amazon needs to focus on more hiring people with a specific skill set meant to handle a specific job. This means that the company may start recruiting employees with the skills necessary for the job advertised. This helps the organization to maintain a lean workforce that performs specified tasks without the need for additional training

· The company may consider implementing a workforce management strategy that ensures it provides for tight controls of everyday employee activity by introducing tighter procedures, while at the same ensuring that employees are engaged in the running of the daily activities. The strategy ensures that employees work optimally, and it cuts down on time-wasting (Van Buren III, Greenwood & Sheehan, 2011)

· The company may also consider improving its motivation and retention plans by increasing monetary incentives meant to keep employees committed to the company for a longer period without thinking of moving across to the competitor’s side. Such initiatives include paid holidays to premium destinations.


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Human Resource Strategy Report: Amazon Inc.


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Human Resource Strategy Report: Amazon Inc.



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