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DISCUSSION: TRINITY. Trinity’s information technology infrastructure aims at providing the IT services which are necessary for an organization.” Does this indicate that you would have done something differently or that the organization maybe approaching their information security upon their functionality. What I mean by this is if an organization is only performing online transactions for a consumer then the necessary protections may differ from that of an organization that is implementing not only providing advertising to the consumer, but the ability to purchase the item, and shipping information. There would be a significant amount of differences in the necessary protections between the two. If I was involved with the SOX portion of Trinity then there would have been significant updates to the way they were protecting their data. They were mainly concentrated on how they were internally performing business and how the finances were documented, when in reality they should have been concentrating on the communication that takes place between each of the functions of accounting, documenting the accounting, bank information, product validation, and supply and demand, along with customer relationship management. What are your thoughts on this, would you add these protections, although this was not a priority back then today it is, where do you think Trinity would be if they implemented these processes early on? Do you think they would have saved more than the .5 million? DISCUSSION: TRINITY.

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