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DISCUSSION: THE BEATLES. According to John Lennon, “Liverpool was a Northern port. That means it was less hick than somewhere like the American Midwest or wherever you call it. We were the second largest port in England, between Manchester and London. We were the ones looked down upon as animals by the Southerners, the Londoners, because we were poor. There was nothing big in Liverpool; it wasn’t American. It is cosmopolitan, and it’s where the sailors would come home with blues records from America on the ships. There is the biggest Country and Western following in England in Liverpool. I heard Country and Western music in Liverpool before I heard Rock and Roll”.

Please speculate as to how the music of the Beatles might have been different had they been brought up in a cosmopolitan city other than Liverpool (i.e. London? Dublin? New York City? San Francisco?) You must write at least 150-200 words to cover the topic briefly but thoroughly. DISCUSSION: THE BEATLES.

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